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Hiding in Plain Sight: Ensuring Proper Diagnosis of Autistic Girls (PD102217)

Presenter(s): Donna Henderson, PsyD
Course Description

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Autism can present quite differently in boys and girls, and research demonstrates that many girls and women are being misdiagnosed or missed entirely. In this recorded session from ASHA’s 2021 Schools Connect online conference, the presenter explores the subtle presentation of autism in general and the specific ways that girls and women can present. The speaker discusses the importance of a comprehensive social cognition assessment to increase the likelihood of proper autism diagnosis.

Learning Outcomes
You will be able to:

  • Describe characteristics of individuals who do not present with obvious signs of autism but are nevertheless autistic
  • Identify important ways that autistic females differ from autistic males
  • List at least three specific methods (rating scales, social cognition tests, and/or clinical activities) to include in a comprehensive social cognition assessment

Assessment Type

Self-assessment—Think about what you learned and report on the Completion Form how you will use your new knowledge.

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