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Turning Problem Behavior Into Effective Communication (WEB16250)

Presenter(s): Jason Travers, PhD, BCBA-D
Course Description

All behavior is learned, and most behavior is communicative. Many learners with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have difficulty communicating basic and complex needs, which often results in inappropriate behavior to convey messages. Professionals can support students with ASD by examining contextual features of inappropriate behavior in order to understand its message and then teaching students how to use more effective and efficient communication skills instead. While seemingly straightforward, this functional approach to improving communication skills requires careful consideration of several critical factors.

In this session, Jason Travers will explore the communicative nature of behavior and provide suggestions for simple interventions to support socially appropriate communication that improves behavior and quality of life.

Learning Outcomes
You will be able to

  • identify the reasons behind problem behavior in students with ASD
  • select communication skills to teach to replace problem behaviors
  • design interventions to improve functional communication of learners with ASD

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Item #(s): WEB16250
Available Through: November 09, 2022