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Witnessing Microaggressions: What Can I Do? (WEB19982)

Presenter(s): Noma Anderson, PhD
Course Description

As a bystander, we may not recognize a microaggression as it is happening, may not know what to do, or may feel uncomfortable speaking up, but a passive response can significantly exacerbate the consequences. How should we respond when we witness a microaggression?

In this course – which is broken into six 5-minute blocks – speaker Noma Anderson explores how to change our natural response as a bystander from passive to productive and guides us through practice activities to improve our ability to recognize microaggressions and increase our confidence in speaking up in support of individuals experiencing these events.

Learning Outcomes
You will be able to:

  • Describe key characteristics of microaggressions and recognize them when they occur
  • Practice microinterventions – specific ways to respond when witnessing a microaggression that improve safe and effective communication

Hear From the Presenter:

What Is a Micro Course?

Designed to fit your busy schedule, micro courses are 30-minute courses that are broken into six 5-minute blocks, two of which are speaker-led and four of which guide you through practicing a new strategy.

Micro Courses

Learning Assessment

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All four courses are available for CE credit in the ASHA Learning Pass. The course videos and handouts are available (without CE credit) on the ASHA website.

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