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Recognizing Microaggressions: Am I Doing That? (WEB19980)

Presenter(s): Noma Anderson, PhD
Course Description

Experiencing microaggressions can lead to serious feelings of doubt when it comes to self-worth, productivity, and security. What are microaggressions and microbullying? Am I committing them? How do they impact the person who experiences them?

In this course – which is broken into six 5-minute blocks – speaker Noma Anderson illuminates these concepts and guides us through purposeful reflection activities that reduce the likelihood of committing microaggressions, ensuring a safer environment for our colleagues and clients, and thereby facilitating more effective communication.

Learning Outcomes You will be able to:

  • Define microaggressions and microbullying, and describe their impacts
  • Identify and manage tendencies to commit microaggressions

Hear From the Presenter:

What Is a Micro Course?

Designed to fit your busy schedule, micro courses are 30-minute courses that are broken into six 5-minute blocks, two of which are speaker-led and four of which guide you through practicing a new strategy.

Micro Courses

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All four courses are available for CE credit in the ASHA Learning Pass. The course videos and handouts are available (without CE credit) on the ASHA website.

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