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Improving Communication Outcomes for Children With Hearing Aids (WEB18205)

Presenter(s): Ryan McCreery, PhD
Course Description

Initiatives such as universal newborn hearing screening and early hearing detection and intervention programs have improved the early identification of hearing loss so children can receive intervention services at a young age. But many of these children still experience significant delays in communication development as they get older. This webinar will discuss what audiologists and speech-language pathologists can do to support optimal communication outcomes in children who use hearing aids. The webinar will explore evidence-based assessment of audibility, monitoring and supporting consistent hearing aid use, and tools for documenting outcomes.

Learning Objectives:
You will be able to:

  • implement an evidence-based clinical protocol for quantifying audibility for infants and children with hearing aids
  • document outcomes using speech recognition or auditory development questionnaires to identify children who may be at risk for delays in communication development

Carhart Series:
This webinar is part of ASHA’s Carhart Series of Audiology Webinars, named in honor of the “father of audiology” and past ASHA president, Dr. Raymond Carhart. He expressed a love for the clinic and for practitioners who work hard each day to solve patients’ hearing and communication challenges. Reflecting Carhart’s spirit of curiosity and his appreciation for discovery and practical application, the series features expert speakers who use evidence-based decision-making to propose solutions to the top clinical dilemmas that audiologists face in daily practice.


Introduction/Overview – 5 min.
Outcomes of Children with Hearing Loss (OCHL) Study – 4 min.
Predictors of Outcomes: Duration Variables – 16 min.
Predictors of Outcomes: Demographic Factors – 7 min.
Predictors of Outcomes: Cumulative Auditory Experience (Audibility and Hearing Aid Use) – 41 min.
Audiological Outcomes – 21 min.
Auditory Development Questionnaires – 8 min.
Questions & Answers – 15 min.

Assessment Type

Self-assessment—Think about what you learned and report on the Completion Form how you will use your new knowledge.

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Item #(s): WEB18205
Available Through: April 12, 2024