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Speech Sound Disorders in Preschool and School-Age Children (WEB3250)

Course Description

Children with speech sound disorders make up a large part of the caseload for many SLPs who work with preschool and school-age children. Speech sound disorders not only affect a child’s ability to communicate at a young age but also may lead to later speech and literacy difficulties. This journal self-study explores issues related to managing speech sound disorders, including assessment and treatment options. It also includes articles that identify predictors of future speech and literacy problems. Clinicians can use this information to help identify appropriate assessment tools and potential treatment options, as well as counsel parents and teachers of children who may be at risk for continuing speech and academic difficulties.

Learning Outcomes
You will be able to:

  • identify appropriate speech sound assessments based upon client needs
  • discuss factors that may influence the success of classroom and computer-based interventions
  • explain how assessment of polysyllables may assist in the identification of children at risk for later literacy difficulties
  • describe early childhood and school-age predictors associated with persistent speech sound disorders


The following articles are included in this course:

  • Stimulus Characteristics of Single-Word Tests of Children's Speech Sound Production, by Toby Macrae
  • Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating the Effectiveness of Computer-Assisted Intervention Delivered by Educators for Children With Speech Sound Disorders, by Sharynne McLeod, Elise Baker, Jane McCormack, Yvonne Wren, Sue Roulstone, Kathryn Crowe, Sarah Masso, Paul White, and Charlotte Howland
  • Polysyllable Speech Accuracy and Predictors of Later Literacy Development in Preschool Children With Speech Sound Disorders, by Sarah Masso, Elise Baker, Sharynne McLeod, and Cen Wang
  • Prevalence and Predictors of Persistent Speech Sound Disorder at Eight Years Old: Findings From a Population Cohort Study, by Yvonne Wren, Laura L. Miller, Tim J. Peters, Alan Emond, and Sue Roulstone

Learning Assessment
Online, multiple-choice exam

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Available Through: July 08, 2024