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Auditory Brainstem Implants (ABI) (PD102629)

Presenter(s): William H Shapiro, AuD, CCC-A
Course Description

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This recorded session from the ASHA Audiology 2022 Online Conference (Implantable Devices track) discusses auditory brainstem implants (ABI) as an option for individuals who typically cannot benefit from conventional amplification or cochlear implants as they don't have an implantable cochlea or functioning 8th nerve. The session describes the ABI journey from candidacy to surgery to activation and follow-up. The speaker discusses the history of ABI, anatomy of the auditory pathway, interprofessional education and interprofessional practice related to ABI, and ABI clinical trial data.

Learning Outcomes
You will be able to:

  • Contrast the performance differences between an ABI and cochlear implant 
  • Identify an appropriate pediatric candidate for an ABI 
  • Summarize the nuances in programming an ABI


  • Development of ABI
  • Device description
  • ABI candidacy – children and adults
  • Evaluation – children and adults
  • ABI recommended team
  • Surgery
  • Programming
  • Results
  • Rehabilitation
  • Differences between cochlear implant and ABI

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Presenter Information

William Shapiro, AuD, CCC-A, has worked at New York University since 1984, where he has been involved with all aspects of diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology. He currently holds the title of Lester S. Miller, Jr. & Kathleen V. Miller Clinical Assistant Professor of Hearing Health in the Department of Otolaryngology, is Director of FGP Audiology, and is Supervising Audiologist at the New York University Cochlear Implant Center, a nationally recognized center of excellence in the field of cochlear implants.

Financial Disclosures:

  • Faculty – ICIT
  • Financial compensation from ASHA for this presentation

Nonfinancial Disclosures:

  • Executive Advisory Board – Cochlear Corporation
  • Advisory Board – Children’s Hearing Institute

Assessment Type

Self-assessment—Think about what you learned and report on the Completion Form how you will use your new knowledge.

To earn continuing education credit, you must complete the learning assessment by January 17, 2028.

Program History and CE Information

Content origination date: September 2022
End date: January 17, 2028

This course is offered for 0.1 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level, Professional area).

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PDH: 1
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Item #(s): PD102629
Available Through: January 17, 2028